Monday, March 12, 2012

A Good Week

Last week  was a good week. What does that mean? Well, it means there were not any bad bathroom crises; there was one small fall which did not cause any injury, T** was a little more conversational, no days in which “confusion reigned supreme” as I say….meaning it did not dominate the day.  I was able to get T**’s eyebrows trimmed, Stephanie cut his toenails (that daughter of mine has the spiritual gift of mercy), the prescriptions were delivered on time and were correct, we actually went out for a few hours with a friend, I was able to leave T** in the car to do some errands, there were no crises of household nature, T**slept well each night.  I did not get in any exercise, but I did get the oil changed in one car, I got the filters washed for the heating system,  bought groceries after work Tuesday pm, got my computer bought – major decision, paid some bills, finished the tax info for the CPA, worked 27 hours, and lost an hour by springing forward. I’m tired just thinking about it.  Always something to be done – little to no down time. "ON" 24/7 literally – that is my life. That is a good week. 

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