Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Started

Confession: an open acknowledgment of feelings; something admitted or disclosed. 

A bit of context for this blog ~ 

7 years ago, Tom began to experience problems with memory.  It was attributed to “fatigue” , and he stopped  working  as usual – no more ER, no long shifts, no nights. Within 7 months, he had retired completely on disability – we had sought a diagnosis and finally were given “Mild Cognitive Impairment”, a precursor to worsening dementia.  From the beginning, I began to take over management of our lives , including all finances, car maintainence, home maintainece, etc., in order to keep things going and to avoid more stress for Tom. I also took a job working 30 hours each week. Over these 7 years, Tom has continued to decline even with medication. He developed symptoms of Parkinson’s along with the progressive dementia and has finally been diagnosed with Diffuse Lewy Body disease.  It continues to be a challenge every day and a journey which has required many changes in order to keep life going. This blog is an attempt  to relate some idea of what this life is like, to create a place for me to express myself and  hopefully to continue to grow.  I never want to diminish Tom or say things which are disrespectful, but if I am to be honest and anyone is to know about this kind of life – I will  avoid “sugar-coating” the situation.  7 years is a long time to live this way, and I feel the need to put some thoughts and observations in concrete. I don’t want sympathy or pity. I never mean to shed a negative light on anyone, but again…if I am to be honest and transparent, I may “step in it” or step on toes from time to time.  I hope someone may learn better how to “friend” those in our situation. I may go back to some previous journaling from time to time. Whether anyone read or not,  this is my forum for openly acknowledge my feelings and thoughts.

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  1. Glad you're doing it. Writing is a real release... and nice name, by the way - glad to see I'm not the only writer using "annie and clyde," ha ha...