Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some Things I Miss


1.     Tom
2.    The ability to make spontaneous choices
3.    Regular trips to Ukraine
4.    The chance to take other mission trips
5.    Singing/choir – a lot
6.    Bible Study
7.    Movies
8.    Time alone
9.    Travel
10. Lunches or dinners w/friends
11.  Friends
12. The opportunity to go to a show/ballgame
13. Entertaining
14. Shopping
15. Having a husband who can “be present”
16. Companionship
17. Time to exercise
18. Being a leader
19. Feeling relevant and having choices
20.Being included
21. Experiencing the “golden years”
23.Feeling carefree
24.Having someone to help make decisions – shared responsibilities
25.Feeling feminine
26.Falling asleep on a road trip

Maybe all of these are not because I have become a full-time caregiver, but most of them are a result of this life-altering situation.
There is no order of importance, simply listed as they come to mind.

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